We design and create different type of dies, weighing up to 10 tons and a length up to 3000 mm:
•  progressive stamping tools (1 row and multi rows)
•  transfer press tools
•  single operation tools
•  fine blanking tools

We are focused on continuous development and openness to new markets.

Completed projects


Stamping parts

Years of experience in stamping parts gives us opportunity in low, medium and mass production based on sheets and coils as a raw material.
Adequately to the Customers’ needs and requirements we are able hands on parts through to the additional services, such as: riveting, welding, spot welding, degreasing and deburring. Otherwise we offer assembly of own or customer-provided components.
The performance of the coatings, such as zinc plating, powder coating, cataphoresis is possible through to the involvement external companies.

•  Steel cold rolled / hot rolled
•  Steel of zinc coatings
•  Steel of enhanced performance
•  Stainless steels
•  Aluminium
•  Non-ferrous metals

Use materials of a thickness from 0.4 mm to 6 mm, width to 1000 mm.
We would like to emphasize our experience and excellent knowledge in stamping parts for Automotive industry. Stamped parts are assembled as engine cooling systems, air-conditioning, seat frames and suspension components.
On a large scale pressed parts are delivered to construction industry, furniture and household appliances.

Completed projects - Automotive

Completed projects - White Goods



Apart from the core business, we provide additional services:

• Execution of construction documentation
• Machining on CNC machines
• EDM machining, e.g. Drilling plunge, cutting wire
• Other treatment according to the customer's documentation, e.g. grinding
• Tools refurbishment
• Tools modification
• Spare parts execution, according to the customer documentation
• Measurement execution, according to the customer requirements